Coffee Break: How Do You Tell Your Co-Workers to Keep Their Hands to Themselves?

keep your hands to yourself - Photo:

keep your hands to yourself – Photo:

My daughter’s in kindergarten, and you’d be surprised, but personal distance is one of the first things taught to kindergartners. When she came back home the other day with a note from her teacher that she should try and “keep her hands to herself”, it made me smile inside. Not because she shouldn’t learn the valuable lesson, but because it also should be taught in offices as well, especially when dealing with co-workers or bosses who tend to be a bit on the touchy-feely side, even if innocently….

Granted, some things are not easy to flat-out say at work, whether when correcting the boss or telling a co-worker what’s on your mind. Yet it’s surprising to note how many women talk about needing more personal space at work, and not wanting to be touched in a certain way by co-workers.

My $0.05: I’m not the most outspoken out there (except on this blog), yet when it comes to personal space at work, I believe it’s important to draw the line sooner than later. Feeling awkward? Intimidated by the boss? Use gentle humor to convey your message. If it keeps happening, adopt a more stern tone and approach. If all else fails, contact Human Resources, but not before confronting the offender and giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

Has this happened to you? How did you deal with the situation?

The Corporate Sis.

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Week-End Pick: Moto Jacket

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Moto jacket - $128 - Photo:

Moto jacket – $128 – Photo:

Moto jackets are great for the Fall, and I’m loving this Cusp by Neiman Marcus faux-leather combo moto jacket. The double-layered notched lapels are super stylish, and the asymmetric zip front adds a great touch of biker chic. The fitted silhouette is also very flattering, while the contrast between the olive color on the bodice and the dark sleeves adds some contemporary flair. This jacket is $128 at Cusp!

I’d pair it with these tall riding boots for a chic apple picking day, or this cheaper alternative, or even these funky combat boots for an edgy week-end look.

And if you like choices (who doesn’t right), here is another moto jacket option I was salivating on (a bit pricier), and this uniquely contemporary one, and ooooh look at this peplum one!

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How to Correct the Boss (And Not Lose Your Job)

How to correct the boss - Photo:

How to correct the boss – Photo:

So the boss got the wrong report and is going on a tangent about a project that has nothing to do with the topic at hand…Even worse, his fly is down, and no one will utter a word during the meeting. How in the world do you muster the courage to correct your boss, and tell him what’s really going on?

Correcting the boss is nothing short of tricky. After all, we’ re talking about telling your manager his or her decisions are faulty, or flat-out they have no idea what they’re talking about. And it does happen more often than we think…

As employees, especially as women, we often like to err on the side of the “politically correct”. And that includes very often refraining from pointing out to the boss his toupet is sideways, or her lipstick is all over her teeth. Or that they pulled the wrong presentation for the monthly department’s meeting…

Yet, what that also means is we are letting them walk around with lipstick on their teeth and their fly wide open. Mistakes are human, and not pointing them out to the offender…not so much! As awkward as it may initially be, honesty is still the best policy:

1. Don’t remain silent! The last thing you’d want is for your boss to realize you were aware and did not say a thing! Depending on your manager’s personality, gage the best way to approach them and have them fix their faux-pas!

2. Keep it politically correct! Remember it’s still work, and you’re still reporting to that person! Keep your approach professional and politically correct! Offer to switch the presentation for them, quietly (and privately) mention a trip to the bathroom, but whatever you do, remain professional!

3. Now move on! People don’t like to be reminded of their mistakes, they can do that on their own! After you’ve (professionally) corrected your boss, move on and don’t bring it up again! Better yet, act as if it never happened…Back to business!

Have you ever had to correct your boss? How did you go about it?

The Corporate Sis.

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Coffee Break: 5 (Lazy) Apps for Productivity Freaks

Lazy apps for productivity freaks - Photo:

Lazy apps for productivity freaks – Photo:

So I wrote earlier about the lazy way of getting organized at work (and in life) for a reason…I like to get stuff done, fast, effectively, while saving as much time as possible. While I admit to using the cake mix in the box for my daughters’ bake sale events (if you ever read this, baby, Mommy tried, ok?), and my annoying “I bake cakes from scratch” neighbor thinks it’s the pinnacle of laziness, at least they’re done. And so it goes for the rest of my life, it’s definitely not perfect (and not even pretty at times), but stuff gets done, everybody moves on, and I can watch Scandal in peace…

And since most of us are not perfect, and just trying to get things done so we too can sit somewhere and think of nothing for a hot minute, here are 5 apps that will help you do just that:

  • Zocdoc: Ever forgotten your kid’s doctor appointment? I have, just the other day. Well, Zocdoc helps you find doctors, book the appointments, stores your info so you can reschedule when you forget (bye cranky receptionist!)
  • TaskRabbit: Last time my mom announced she’d be making us a surprise visit, I panicked. My house looked like a zoo, as she confirmed upon arrival. Well, Taskrabbit connects you with people who can help, from house cleaners to handymen, and frees your time (and whatever bit of self-esteem you had before your mom visits and confirms your house is indeed…a zoo!
  • Slack: Now really, I found this one by googling something to the effect of slacking off and still being productive. This platform for team communication makes team work a breeze!
  • Last Pass: Now I have a million passwords, and I ain’t got time to be thinking about which one of my kids’ names I used last.This award-winning password manager gathers all your passwords and sites in one place, stores your profiles, and saves important info so you can use your brain for actual work.
  • Sunrise: This baby is not just a calendar, it integrates many unusual and extremely useful features like Evernote and Linked In, and is Mac-friendly.

What are your favorite low-effort but high-impact apps?

The Corporate Sis.

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Work It: Apres Ski Sweater

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Apres Ski sweater - $68 - Photo:

Apres Ski sweater – $68 – Photo:

The raisin color of this Apres Ski sweater first attracted me. I do find sweaters a bit tricky to wear to work: too loose, they make you look frumpy, too fitted, and you’re bringing just too much sexy back…This sweater is fitted enough, and the stitching detailed enough to be flattering but not frumpy or overly tight. It’s $68 at Piperlime too!

I’d merchandise this crew-neck sweater with this wooded collar necklace from Baublebar, and keep everything else pretty neutral. Speaking of neutral, these Sam Edelman booties in not-so-neutral black would make a perfect addition to this sweater paired with easy slacks or a skirt.

Other alternatives to this great sweater, this great (and oh so priced right) fuzzy knit sweater from Forever 21, or even this cable-knit selection from H&M, both in the deep purple/raisin color.

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The Lazy Way of Getting Organized at Work

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get-organized - Photo: get-organized – Photo:

Ok, I have to admit, when organizational skills were being distributed at birth, I was kinda running late. Like this morning (but I digress)…Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole organization concept, I’m just not a big fan of DOING the organizing. I’d much rather have someone (or something) else enjoy making pretty to-do lists and notifying me afterwards…

The thing is, you see, that delegating and third-party organizing stuff happens when you have assistants and the whole gamut. And when it comes to most things, I don’t. Like most people. Yet in the age of technology and uber-productivity, if there’s a will, there’s a way…And besides, there’s usually an app for that…

And in the midst of all this (mild) disorganization, interruptions keep coming! Despite all the to-do’s, not-to-do’s and should-have-been-done-by-now, there are ways to get organized, even if organization is not your forte, or you favorite thing to do. So although I can’t pass up on all the organizational tasks/chores, I’ve decided to ethically hack the system to minimize time spent organizing, and maximize time spent doing great work. It’s my own lazy way to get organized. Just like the good ol’ assembly line, just fancier…

Check out my easy infographic on it (please excuse the 5th grade drawing skills, work-in-progress):

How do you hack the system to get organized at work?

The Corporate Sis.

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There’s an App for That: Conspire

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Conspire app - Photo credit:

Conspire app – Photo credit:

If Linked In were to have a more inquisitive, get-in-yo-business little sister, it would be Conspire! This new app is great for making more personal professional connections than Linked In would ever allow you to…Instead of setting every connection at the same level and making you miss out on your ex-colleague who happens to be reporting to the head of the department you’re applying to, Conspire ranks your professional contacts by how well you know them and how professionally useful they can be to you.

How does it work? Basically, what Conspire does is it analyzes your email. It looks at how much you interact with your contacts, determines how well you know them (or if you’d pick eating raw broccoli over spending 5 minutes with them). Then it mashes up all this info, and creates connections for you. So the next time you’re trying to get a gig in ABC Company’s Corporate Finance group, and you just happen to research the CFO, Conspire will re-trace for you the entire connection path to get you to the guy, and hopefully to the gig.. . And bam, kaboom, done, voila!

My $0.05: As much as I love LinkedIn, I don’t log in everyday. Yet I use my email every day, so having an app that can leverage my email use to hook me up professionally is great! Watch out Linked In!

Would you use this app? Thoughts?

The Corporate Sis.

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