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  Building up and maintaining positive, fruitful work relationships can be a job in itself. From managing management’s demands and expectations while refraining from throwing sharp objects at your boss, to remaining engaged with your teams, having genuinely fulfilling relationships at work can sometimes sound like pulling hair, teeth, and all the patience and dedication in the world. And frankly, in […]

How To Score Genuine Work Relationships (And Professional Success Too) - Infographic

Can you work with friends?
We’ve talked about building up work relationships that build up our career, as well as scoring genuine  relationships at work. However, when it comes to relationships at work, how close is too close? Can you work with your friends? If so, how do you maintain the necessary professional boundaries, while preserving your own personal ties? My $0.05: I’ve worked with […]

Coffee Break: Would You Work with Your Friends?

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Loving this tulip faux-wrap skirt from J. Crew in ivory Ikat! It’s perfect for the summer, and makes a statement without being overly provocative. I also love the fact it was made by Indian artisans! It’s $118 at J. Crew! The skirt is a perfect length, and the colors are versatile enough to allow for various top and footwear options. […]

Work It: Tulip Faux-Wrap Skirt

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Maintaining healthy, positive relationships at work can be a challenge for some. While some may make friends at work and religiously abide by the office’s happy hour schedule, others would rather be caught having their wisdom tooth removed than socializing with co-workers after-hours. So really, should you strive to socialize with your fellow office dwellers after-hours, or just politely pull […]

Coffee Break: Should You Socialize with Your co-workers after-hours?

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I went to H&M this past week-end, and their “Modern Classics” section were giving me all kinds of “high fashion” oohs and aahs. Hence today’s pick, this easy knee-length dress that is absolutely perfect in its simple elegance and versatility. The grey hue is a great alternative to traditional black or navy, and the knee-length, fitted shape is flattering enough […]

Work It: Knee-Length Dress

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Most of us spend most of our days at work. Unless you’re an online entrepreneur or remote employee, you’re bound to spend it around people you work with. People who you may like, people who may rub you the wrong way, people who may have you thinking about throwing sharp objects at them, not to mention those who may give a […]

How To Build Work Relationships that Build Up Your Career

What's the 411?
Happy happy Sunday:) The weather’s warming up, summer’s fast approaching and  the week-end flew by too fast, again…So before our little weekly break is over, here’s my weekly news update: In gender equality news this week, TIME introduces us to 10 CEOs and university leaders working for gender equality; Fortune magazine tells us why this female CEO thinks you should […]

The 411: Weekly News Update

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There are many tricky questions in interviews. Yet, the ones that refer to your current place of employment, as you’re looking to make a transition, may be among the trickiest. How do you talk about the place you’re obviously looking to move on from, and remain positive while clearly conveying the message that you’re trying to get out? Do you just […]

Coffee Break: How Do You Answer the Question “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job”?

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I’m loving the black-and-white contrast on this silk crepe-de-chine shirt from The Outnet. The loose fit is  very comfortable, while the delicate fabric, and paneled, buttoned cuffs are more on the conservative side. And even better, this shirt is on sale for $81 at The Outnet. I would personally add a skinny belt like this striped stretch version from LOFT […]

Work It: Silk Shirt

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I’ve done my share of interviews, whether formal or informal, group or individual, traditional and non-traditional, etc. And although most of my interviewing experience, and feedback from friends and family members also going through the interview process, is quite varied (and frankly interesting), there is one common thread I inevitably found present. It revolves around one’s mental state before the […]

10 Mental Hacks to Prepare for A Successful Interview

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I’ve had my share of interviewing tipsc recruiting advice, and how-to’s on getting the right interview, the right interviewers, and end up with the perfect career (which we kinda all know doesn’t exactly exist). Yet, what is not nearly talked about enough, are those unconventional, wisdom-meets-intensive practice tips that may stray from the common path, but do work wonders when […]

7 Unconventional Tips to Turning the Interview Into A Job Offer