Coffee Break: 3 Apps To Help You Relax At Work (Yes, I Said Relax)

3 apps to help you relax at work - Photo:

3 apps to help you relax at work – Photo:

Sooo even experts are agreeing that doing nothing is great for you! Ok maybe not doing absolutely nothing all of the time, especially at work, in which case it’s no longer work…Ahem…Yet there are some benefits to beating stress and anxiety at work, and relaxing more…Actually, there are even some apps for that…


1. Headspace: Meditate much? Well, if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, this is the meditation app for you. Stressed at work? Take 10, and listen to re-energizing meditation on the go!

2. Yoga Glo:Move much?Yoga Glo can help you get in just about 15 minutes of yoga exercise on the go! This app is also filled with meditations to help you re-focus.

3. Bloom: Most, if not all successful people, live by mantras. I personally love them! When your dreams seem too crazy to share, or you need a boost of confidence, use this app to write down your mantras or save some great quotes from leaders you admire! You’ll be happy when these pop up on your phone screen just as you’re ready to give up on that big project…

Add to the list! Do you have favorite apps to relax at work and home? Please share…

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Week-End Pick: Floral Cardigan

Floral Cardigan - $56.99 - Photo credit:

Floral Cardigan – $56.99 – Photo credit:

If you had ever told me I would actually look into floral anything as a fashion pick some day, I would have probably offered you more coffee! Yet, this is not your grandma’s floral cardigan! This faux-leather trim belted cardigan can literally stand on its own! And it’s on sale for $56.99 at Macy’s.

Loving the edgy touch of the faux-leather trim, which nicely contrasts with the flowery pattern. The length is great for both pants, leggings or skirts, making this a very versatile option for Fall into the winter.

And since we’re into florals, here’s a woodsy floral sweater pick from LOFT, and a cute (and cheaper) alternative from Land’s End! On the higher price end, I love this Tory Burch floral-print pullover, and this way more frugal option from Target! And here’s a plus-size option, as well as a stylish Tracy Reese pick for petites out there!

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It’s Halloween: Is It Time to Reinvent Your Work?

Mask - Photo: Mask – Photo:

It’s Halloween! As we dress our kids up today, and slap some funky mask on to reveal a whole other side of our personalities, what if we applied the same concept to our work? How much are we really taking the time to think about the many facets of our careers? How many of us are tapping into the vastness of our experiences and allowing it to permeate our work?

Many of us have incredible stories of survival and overcoming. All of us have many different, profound facets to our personalities. As you’re reading this, you may speak two or three languages, be the first in your family to graduate from college, be a successful immigrant, a gifted engineer, doctor or aspiring student. Yet very few of us come to use our potential to pursue our calling, excel in our current careers, and inspire others to do the same…

So today as you’re thinking about the many facets of your work, think about all the ways you can re-invent your career and bring added fulfillment to your life and others’. And if you’ve got a few minutes, here’s an interesting TEDx talk on reinventing our work:



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Coffee Break: Do You Dress Up for Halloween at Work?

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Do you dress up for Halloween at work - Photo credit:

Do you dress up for Halloween at work – Photo credit:

Halloween is right around the corner! Last night’s episode of Modern Family, with the court typist dressed up as  a (seriously ugly) spider, had me questioning how much people feel comfortable dressing up for Halloween…at work!

There certainly are many options available for Halloween costumes on the job. Yet, considering the importance of dressing appropriately at work, there still are rules to follow when dressing up at your workplace, including knowing (and respecting) your office rules, keeping it kosher, and still being able to conduct business as usual. Please no blackface, or Ebola-themed costume…

And for those, like myself, who are trying to find last-minute costumes that are also work-friendly, here are some great suggestions from the Ann taylor blog. Corporette also had some smart costume suggestions for smart women last week.

Do you dress up for Halloween at work? What are some of the costumes you’ve worn, or are planning to wear? What advice do you have for fellow corporate sisters and brothers when it comes to dressing up for Halloween at work?

The Corporate Sis.

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Work It: Leather Skirt

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Vegan Leather Skirt - Photo credit:

Vegan Leather Skirt – Photo credit:

So I’ve always been a fan of stylish (and appropriate) leather skirts for work. When you say leather, my first thought would be along the lines of bicker chic , as opposed to work-friendly. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this Joa Tara vegan leather skirt from Nasty Gal. Loving the aqua hue of this elegant, circle silhouette midi skirt! Original, yet oh so stylish and totally season appropriate (not so sure about the cropped top for work though)! This skirt is $88 on Nasty Gal.

And because I’m so curious about other alternatives for leather skirts that are both stylish and work-appropriate, here is a cute and affordable faux-leather pencil skirt option from Macy’s, along with its plus-size equivalent. I also like this A-line option from ASOS (here’s a cheaper faux-leather alternative from The Limited), and this Rebecca Taylor pleated version from Nordstrom.

Seen a great, work-friendly fashion piece you’d like me to research or feature on the blog? Hit me up at!

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3 Smart Ways to (Actively) Conduct a Passive Job Search

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Conduct a passive job search - Photo credit:

Conduct a passive job search – Photo credit:

Professional times have definitely changed! Whether happily employed or looking for better opportunities out there, actively passive job hunting is definitely on the up-and-up! Everywhere you turn, Linked In profiles are being scrutinized, recruiters are on the move, and….there’s even an app for that! Actually, there’s a whole host of apps and startups wanting to hack your job search out there

I started my career at a time where the likes of Linked In weren’t all the rage just yet…You had to network the good ol’ way, making your own contacts and actively looking for your next paycheck. Quite different from these days, when employers are after candidates, and recruiters can hit you up on your Linked In profile at any time, luring you away to the next great opportunity, right? At a time when job ads are becoming seriously old school and social media is the new recruiting tool, even when you’re not looking (for a job, that is), you’re kind of looking…After all, 60% of Millenials stay at their employers less than 3 years, since all this actively passive job hunting has made job-hopping not only socially acceptable, but even makes sense nowadays.

1. Keep it Social! If your career were an attractive, strong body, your social media profiles, including your Linked In profile would be pretty strong muscles in it. So invest in a professionally looking photograph, put some effort into entering accurate information in your profile, seek recommendations and endorsements! Don’t forget to interact with others by returning the favor as well!

2.Get Involved! This is no time to shy away from big groups! Get involved in your industry’s associations and peer groups! If you’re an accountant, join the AICPA or NASBA, among others! Seek groups promoting your industry and cultivate a strong network of mutual recommendations, referrals, and “insider” opportunities!

3. Now become THE expert! Go a step beyond, and position yourself as an industry expert! Whether it’s through a blog, or by being active on social media, or even writing a book, you will benefit twice over by learning through research, and attracting recruiters and employers with your expertise.

Chime in! How have you been (actively) conducting your passive job search?

The Corporate Sis


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There’s an App for That: CardMunch

Card Munch - Photo: Card Munch – Photo:

Ever wondered what to do with all the business cards you’re collecting left and right? Well, there’s an app for that, and it’s called CardMunch!

Instead of walking around with a wallet overflowing with paper, CardMunch allows you to scan business cards directly into your phone contacts! It’s even easier for Linked In contacts, as you can request to add someone directly on the interface.

My $0.05: Perfect app for networking! Not only do you get to keep all your contacts in one place, but you’re also saving trees. Bam!

The Corporate Sis.

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Work It: Tie-Front Blouse

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Houndstooth tie-front blouse - $59 - Photo:

Houndstooth tie-front blouse – $59 – Photo:

I’m a big fan of tie-front blouses! This Tahari ASL  houndstooth tie-front blouse just brought the sexy accountant out of me (hello Halloween)! Loving the cute houndstooth print and draped tie-front on this conservatively elegant blouse! It’s $59 at Macy’s!

I’d pair it with elegant boot cut pants like this pair from Loft, and these killer Tory Burch flats from Zappos.

As for tie-front blouses, this is a pricier alternative from Brooks Brothers, and a cheaper alternative from Lord & Taylor.

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How To Be An Opportunist At Work (The Right Way)

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Opportunist-quote - Photo:

Opportunist-quote – Photo:

Up until recently, I thought opportunism, especially in the workplace, was distasteful at best, and frankly offensive at its worst. Well, I got to think again, and after years in the corporate jungle, came to realize being an opportunist can actually be a good thing at work (when done the right way)…

Granted, there are always those people whose opportunism irks the pink socks out of you, and who should be dealt with in a certain way. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an opportunist is defined as “someone who tries to get an advantage or something valuable from a situation without thinking about what is fair or right.” Doesn’t sound terribly positive, does it now?

Yet, although one should not act in a manner that is unfair to others, at work or in life, mastering the art of taking advantage of opportunities can prove crucial to building success:

1. Learn to identify opportunities, especially untapped ones! Helping out on a project that would look great on your resume or Linked In profile? Take advantage of the work you’ve done and skills you’ve acquired! Is there a big review looming near you could go ahead and ask to perform first! Why not?

2. Deliver, deliver, deliver! Forget about the “under-promise, over-deliver” adage! Focus on delivering above and beyond all the time! Always dig deeper, question the status quo, and deliver aggressive, strong results!

3. Use your environment! You have countless untapped resources around you, from gifted co-workers to optimal systems, not to mention the abundant learning opportunities offered by technology. Use them, respectfully yet ruthlessly! Learn as much as you can, ask questions, pick your higher-ups and co-workers’ brains. In the end, advancing yourself does advance all of us, even if only by example…

Are you an opportunist at work?

The Corporate Sis.

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Coffee Break: Would You Tell On a Co-Worker ?

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Would you tell on a co-worker to advance your career - Photo:

Would you tell on a co-worker to advance your career – Photo:

I wrote earlier about women being able to work together without competing with each other. Oftentimes, and very much unfortunately, it’s not the case, hence generating generous (and unproductive) amounts of unjustified betrayal and backstabbing in the workplace. And this happens not just in between women…

Actually, what with this precarious economy and competitiveness at work, it seems even purpose-oriented millenials  are willing to lie and cheat at work to advance their careers. Granted, there are certainly instances when reporting a co-worker’s inappropriate behavior is justified. However, tattling on a co-worker can be unhealthy at best, and even flat-out dangerous!

My $0.05: Telling on a co-worker, whether to the boss or to other colleagues who may be inclined to repeat the information, is a serious matter. Check your motives! If you’re spewing out potentially career-damaging information about your co-worker to make yourself look better, think twice! You may be causing irreparable damage to him/her, and to yourself by appearing like the office tattle-teller. If you are reporting a concerning situation with possible legal and/or ethical ramifications, seeking Human Resources’ advice first, and possibly consulting with your boss, is best!

So, did you ever tell on a co-worker? Would you?

The Corporate Sis.


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Work It: Zip Coat

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Via Spiga Faux Leather Trim Front Zip Coat - $209.90 - Photo:

Via Spiga Faux Leather Trim Front Zip Coat – $209.90 – Photo:

I have a fashion crush on this Via Spiga Faux Lather Trim Front Zip Coat from Nordstrom. I actually tried it on, and the fit is superb! Loving the sophisticated glam of the stand collar, along with the faux leather inserts on the shoulders and waist. Who needs a nip and tuck when you have a coat that flatters every inch of your silhouette. This beauty is $209.90 (down from $315.00) at Nordstrom!

Just imagine how amazing this coat would look over these glam high-waisted pants from Ann Taylor (pssst…Ann Taylor is having a 60% sale for a limited time)! I’d add these killer cutout peep toe booties when the weather permits, or these suede cap toe heels!

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Can Women Work Together Without Competing?

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women-working-together - photo:

women-working-together – photo:

As women, two of the things we are often faulted with at work is being overly emotional, and competing against each other. While terms such as competitiveness and aggressiveness tend to be associated more with male characteristics, females have since the beginning of times battled to attract a suitable male by promoting youth and physical attractiveness.

As we’ve evolved from primitive intra-sexual competition to the most compelling feminist theories, and now to the fight for gender equality and equal pay for equal work, the fear at the root of competitiveness between women is still very much alive. Fear that there is not enough room for all of us to have meaningful careers. Fear that one woman’s success diminishes others’.

So much so that, according to a recent Pew survey, more women admitted they’d prefer working with men, than men did. Not to mention the fact that according to the Workplace Bullying Institute, more female bullies (53.7 percent Vs. 39.9 percent male) engage in sabotage at work! And it seems women at higher levels are not particularly inclined to help other women get ahead! Reminds you of high school?

Yet in the same token, it appears competition may make women less effective at work, as it kills our creativity. If we are so much better than men at working in teams and collaborating, why are we still undermining each other? Will we ever be able to work together and nix the unhealthy competition that brings us all down?

I believe so. I do think we have some ways to go, myself included. Yet more and more women are starting to realize that promoting other women, seeking other more successful, powerful women, as threatening as it may initially seem, gives us a leg up. For women to band together and create powerful networks, we must realize the pool of opportunities is as endless as we make it. And that one woman’s power and success is a reflection on all of us…

Do you think women can work together without competing?

The Corporate Sis.

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Coffee Break: Do You Choose Who You Hang Out With at Work?

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I’ve written before about your network, especially at work, really being your net worth. Yet, considering how much time we spend at work, and how much we interact with co-workers, bosses and managers, it’s kinda hard to avoid creating meaningful relationships. Oftentimes, our work buddies end up being our best friends. And even we don’t end up necessarily fostering life-long friendships at work, these relationships still impact us in some way or another.

In any case, whether you’re a loner or the office “popular girl”, who you hang out with at work matters! Not just for your own well-being but also as related to how you’re perceived by both your peers and higher-ups. Hanging out with Pookie n’em at the watercooler will certainly not make you well-perceived (quite to the contrary)…

My $0.05: Your network is really your net worth. Hanging out with unprofessional co-workers will make you appear unprofessional as well, no matter how friendly they may be. Besides, in work as in life, choosing friends and acquaintances from whom you can learn is always a plus. So pick wisely!

Do you choose who you hang out with at work?

The Corporate Sis.

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Work It: A-Line Dress

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A-Line Dress - $89 - Photo:

A-Line Dress – $89 – Photo:

This dress is the epitome of “functional simplicity”. Loving the clean lines on this Karen Kane 3/4 sleeve, A-line dress! With a ballerina neckline and an always flattering A-line silhouette, this dress looks perfect any day at work or after-hours! The dress is $89 at Bloomingdale’s.

I’d layer this dress under a stylish, colorful blazer like this wool blended one, or break up the A-line silhouette with this tweed jacket, and voila!

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How to Turn Your Emotions Into Competitive Advantage at Work

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Photo credit:

Photo credit:

I’m a bit on the emotional side. And yes, I may have cried at work, once…or twice maybe! When it comes to emotional management at work, women have been repeatedly (and quite offensively, if you ask me), deemed as overly emotional in the workplace.

While some say it is now getting easier to show emotion at work, the majority seem to applaud emotional displays when coming from men, and frown upon them when displayed by women. Yet, as we are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of emotional intelligence at work, it is more and more evident that successful women should all but hide their emotions at work, for fear these powerful outlets of anger, sadness or fear emphasize an already existing bias of weakness among women.

Yet, temper tantrums and other bursts of much more destructive anger from male leaders are often seen as signs of power and strength. If so, then, how can we, as women, leverage the power of our emotions as competitive advantage in the workplace:

1. Do NOT repress your emotions! Emotions are our body’s way of dealing with life. It’s not so much our emotions than how we react to them that sets us apart for success or failure. Allow yourself to feel and perceive emotionally, as it is the basis of emotional intelligence. It’s your response to what you feel that needs to be controlled.

2.Turn your emotions into Emotional IQ: as women, our acute perceptiveness of our own and others’ emotions gives us an edge over men, especially in the workplace where the merits of Emotional Intelligence are now being highly recognized. While some aspects of Emotional Intelligence, including self-awareness, social skill, empathy and managing one’s emotions, may be dealt with differently by both sexes, women are definitely apt at converting their high emotional quotient into positive, productive Emotional Intelligence.

3. Tailor your reaction to the situation: Regardless of the type of emotion triggered in you, keep in mind every situation calls for an adapted and appropriate reaction. Take some time to feel the emotional trigger, and ask yourself why you are feeling this way. This will help you assess the situation at hand, and give you time to calmly tailor your response to it in a productive, positive manner.

How do you leverage your emotions into Emotional Intelligence?

The Corporate Sis.

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Is Your Lack of Faith Ruining Your Career?

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Is our lack of faith ruining our careers - Photo:

Is our lack of faith ruining our careers – Photo:

I know, Faith is one of the F-words at work, and many believe it does not exactly belong in the workplace. Yet, for those who believe in the power of faith in the workplace, it appears faith can even increase our ROI at work.

When we speak of faith at work, many  start envisioning us preaching the Word, getting filled with the Spirit and converting souls, right there at our cubicles. While it may have been true at some point, the true meaning of faith at work, in the words of entrepreneur Sandi Krakowski, is in its practice, rather than the preaching of it. Regardless of our beliefs, Faith should make us better people, at work and in life. As we believe in a Higher Good and a higher purpose of our lives, we also strive for the best we can be and the best we can produce. That includes the work we do, the people we deal with at work, and the legacy we leave through our careers.

Faith at work is not about beliefs, and definitely not about religion. It’s about who we are in our daily lives. It’s about the values we are sorely missing in our business world, values like honesty, integrity, wholeness, and love, yes love! After all, haven’t the latest corporate scandals, from Enron and WorldCom to Lehman Brothers and Bernie Madoff, taught us to distrust corporations and their agents? Aren’t regulations like the Sarbanes Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Act stern reminders that some of our most essential values have been violated in the worse way? Isn’t our lack of current faith in the markets and the financial systems as a whole, a result of our own lack of faith in general? And isn’t our own lack of faith threatening to ruin the very fruits of our labor and our careers?

At a time when most millenials would be ready to sacrifice a work friendship for a promotion, and employee loyalty is becoming a curse, fear is also at an all-times high among employees and companies alike, as we no longer have much to look forward to or believe in. Yet, we still spend the majority of our lives working. Is it time to stop fearing, and start believing? Is it time to stop our lack of faith from ruining our careers?

The Corporate Sis.

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The 411: Weekly News Update

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Weekly news update - Photo credit: the

Photo credit: the

Happy Sunday!

Hope everyone is having a great week-end! The weather was gorgeous on this side of the blogosphere, there’s just something about Fall in New England that leaves you breathless. Hopefully, you also are enjoying the stillness of the morning, as you’re reading about the news that made me smile, raise my eyebrows or flat-out cringe this week:

Happy Sunday, and happy reading!

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Coffee Break: How Do You Tell Your Co-Workers to Keep Their Hands to Themselves?

keep your hands to yourself - Photo:

keep your hands to yourself – Photo:

My daughter’s in kindergarten, and you’d be surprised, but personal distance is one of the first things taught to kindergartners. When she came back home the other day with a note from her teacher that she should try and “keep her hands to herself”, it made me smile inside. Not because she shouldn’t learn the valuable lesson, but because it also should be taught in offices as well, especially when dealing with co-workers or bosses who tend to be a bit on the touchy-feely side, even if innocently….

Granted, some things are not easy to flat-out say at work, whether when correcting the boss or telling a co-worker what’s on your mind. Yet it’s surprising to note how many women talk about needing more personal space at work, and not wanting to be touched in a certain way by co-workers.

My $0.05: I’m not the most outspoken out there (except on this blog), yet when it comes to personal space at work, I believe it’s important to draw the line sooner than later. Feeling awkward? Intimidated by the boss? Use gentle humor to convey your message. If it keeps happening, adopt a more stern tone and approach. If all else fails, contact Human Resources, but not before confronting the offender and giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

Has this happened to you? How did you deal with the situation?

The Corporate Sis.

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Week-End Pick: Moto Jacket

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Moto jacket - $128 - Photo:

Moto jacket – $128 – Photo:

Moto jackets are great for the Fall, and I’m loving this Cusp by Neiman Marcus faux-leather combo moto jacket. The double-layered notched lapels are super stylish, and the asymmetric zip front adds a great touch of biker chic. The fitted silhouette is also very flattering, while the contrast between the olive color on the bodice and the dark sleeves adds some contemporary flair. This jacket is $128 at Cusp!

I’d pair it with these tall riding boots for a chic apple picking day, or this cheaper alternative, or even these funky combat boots for an edgy week-end look.

And if you like choices (who doesn’t right), here is another moto jacket option I was salivating on (a bit pricier), and this uniquely contemporary one, and ooooh look at this peplum one!

Seen a great fashion piece? Share by emailing or leave a comment!

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How to Correct the Boss (And Not Lose Your Job)

How to correct the boss - Photo:

How to correct the boss – Photo:

So the boss got the wrong report and is going on a tangent about a project that has nothing to do with the topic at hand…Even worse, his fly is down, and no one will utter a word during the meeting. How in the world do you muster the courage to correct your boss, and tell him what’s really going on?

Correcting the boss is nothing short of tricky. After all, we’ re talking about telling your manager his or her decisions are faulty, or flat-out they have no idea what they’re talking about. And it does happen more often than we think…

As employees, especially as women, we often like to err on the side of the “politically correct”. And that includes very often refraining from pointing out to the boss his toupet is sideways, or her lipstick is all over her teeth. Or that they pulled the wrong presentation for the monthly department’s meeting…

Yet, what that also means is we are letting them walk around with lipstick on their teeth and their fly wide open. Mistakes are human, and not pointing them out to the offender…not so much! As awkward as it may initially be, honesty is still the best policy:

1. Don’t remain silent! The last thing you’d want is for your boss to realize you were aware and did not say a thing! Depending on your manager’s personality, gage the best way to approach them and have them fix their faux-pas!

2. Keep it politically correct! Remember it’s still work, and you’re still reporting to that person! Keep your approach professional and politically correct! Offer to switch the presentation for them, quietly (and privately) mention a trip to the bathroom, but whatever you do, remain professional!

3. Now move on! People don’t like to be reminded of their mistakes, they can do that on their own! After you’ve (professionally) corrected your boss, move on and don’t bring it up again! Better yet, act as if it never happened…Back to business!

Have you ever had to correct your boss? How did you go about it?

The Corporate Sis.

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Coffee Break: 5 (Lazy) Apps for Productivity Freaks

Lazy apps for productivity freaks - Photo:

Lazy apps for productivity freaks – Photo:

So I wrote earlier about the lazy way of getting organized at work (and in life) for a reason…I like to get stuff done, fast, effectively, while saving as much time as possible. While I admit to using the cake mix in the box for my daughters’ bake sale events (if you ever read this, baby, Mommy tried, ok?), and my annoying “I bake cakes from scratch” neighbor thinks it’s the pinnacle of laziness, at least they’re done. And so it goes for the rest of my life, it’s definitely not perfect (and not even pretty at times), but stuff gets done, everybody moves on, and I can watch Scandal in peace…

And since most of us are not perfect, and just trying to get things done so we too can sit somewhere and think of nothing for a hot minute, here are 5 apps that will help you do just that:

  • Zocdoc: Ever forgotten your kid’s doctor appointment? I have, just the other day. Well, Zocdoc helps you find doctors, book the appointments, stores your info so you can reschedule when you forget (bye cranky receptionist!)
  • TaskRabbit: Last time my mom announced she’d be making us a surprise visit, I panicked. My house looked like a zoo, as she confirmed upon arrival. Well, Taskrabbit connects you with people who can help, from house cleaners to handymen, and frees your time (and whatever bit of self-esteem you had before your mom visits and confirms your house is indeed…a zoo!
  • Slack: Now really, I found this one by googling something to the effect of slacking off and still being productive. This platform for team communication makes team work a breeze!
  • Last Pass: Now I have a million passwords, and I ain’t got time to be thinking about which one of my kids’ names I used last.This award-winning password manager gathers all your passwords and sites in one place, stores your profiles, and saves important info so you can use your brain for actual work.
  • Sunrise: This baby is not just a calendar, it integrates many unusual and extremely useful features like Evernote and Linked In, and is Mac-friendly.

What are your favorite low-effort but high-impact apps?

The Corporate Sis.

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Work It: Apres Ski Sweater

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Apres Ski sweater - $68 - Photo:

Apres Ski sweater – $68 – Photo:

The raisin color of this Apres Ski sweater first attracted me. I do find sweaters a bit tricky to wear to work: too loose, they make you look frumpy, too fitted, and you’re bringing just too much sexy back…This sweater is fitted enough, and the stitching detailed enough to be flattering but not frumpy or overly tight. It’s $68 at Piperlime too!

I’d merchandise this crew-neck sweater with this wooded collar necklace from Baublebar, and keep everything else pretty neutral. Speaking of neutral, these Sam Edelman booties in not-so-neutral black would make a perfect addition to this sweater paired with easy slacks or a skirt.

Other alternatives to this great sweater, this great (and oh so priced right) fuzzy knit sweater from Forever 21, or even this cable-knit selection from H&M, both in the deep purple/raisin color.

Like to suggest a fashion piece? Please email me at!

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The Lazy Way of Getting Organized at Work

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get-organized - Photo: get-organized – Photo:

Ok, I have to admit, when organizational skills were being distributed at birth, I was kinda running late. Like this morning (but I digress)…Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole organization concept, I’m just not a big fan of DOING the organizing. I’d much rather have someone (or something) else enjoy making pretty to-do lists and notifying me afterwards…

The thing is, you see, that delegating and third-party organizing stuff happens when you have assistants and the whole gamut. And when it comes to most things, I don’t. Like most people. Yet in the age of technology and uber-productivity, if there’s a will, there’s a way…And besides, there’s usually an app for that…

And in the midst of all this (mild) disorganization, interruptions keep coming! Despite all the to-do’s, not-to-do’s and should-have-been-done-by-now, there are ways to get organized, even if organization is not your forte, or you favorite thing to do. So although I can’t pass up on all the organizational tasks/chores, I’ve decided to ethically hack the system to minimize time spent organizing, and maximize time spent doing great work. It’s my own lazy way to get organized. Just like the good ol’ assembly line, just fancier…

Check out my easy infographic on it (please excuse the 5th grade drawing skills, work-in-progress):

How do you hack the system to get organized at work?

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There’s an App for That: Conspire

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Conspire app - Photo credit:

Conspire app – Photo credit:

If Linked In were to have a more inquisitive, get-in-yo-business little sister, it would be Conspire! This new app is great for making more personal professional connections than Linked In would ever allow you to…Instead of setting every connection at the same level and making you miss out on your ex-colleague who happens to be reporting to the head of the department you’re applying to, Conspire ranks your professional contacts by how well you know them and how professionally useful they can be to you.

How does it work? Basically, what Conspire does is it analyzes your email. It looks at how much you interact with your contacts, determines how well you know them (or if you’d pick eating raw broccoli over spending 5 minutes with them). Then it mashes up all this info, and creates connections for you. So the next time you’re trying to get a gig in ABC Company’s Corporate Finance group, and you just happen to research the CFO, Conspire will re-trace for you the entire connection path to get you to the guy, and hopefully to the gig.. . And bam, kaboom, done, voila!

My $0.05: As much as I love LinkedIn, I don’t log in everyday. Yet I use my email every day, so having an app that can leverage my email use to hook me up professionally is great! Watch out Linked In!

Would you use this app? Thoughts?

The Corporate Sis.

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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