Weekly News Update
Happy Sunday everyone! It’s a rainy, “let-me-stay-in-bed-with-a book” kind of day on this side of the blogosphere…As I’m sipping on my third, ahem, one of my cups of coffee, here are the news that made my week: If you’re under 35, Fortune came out with the best lists of workplaces for millenials; Timing is everything! Fast Company reveals the best time […]

The 411: Weekly News Update

How to stand out in a large team
I remember  being a young associate in Big Accounting, being thrown on 30+ people engagement teams, with no idea who was who, who to talk to, where to go, what to say…Never mind communicating effectively…Amazon’s Jeff Bezos had a golden rule: if your team comprises more people than it takes to eat two pizzas, that may be just too much…Well, […]

Forget About Blending In: 7 Ways to Stand out In A Large Work Team

7 questions to ask your new mentor
To this day, I can still remember my very first meeting with my very first mentor. At the time, as a young associate starting out in Big Accounting, I didn’t even really know what a mentor was, what they represent for anyone’s career, and most importantly, what the heck to discuss with them. We went to a newly Starbucks on […]

7 Outstanding Questions to Ask Your New Mentor

Flounce Skirt - Photo credit: anntaylor.com
Loving this easy-breezy flounce skirt from Ann Taylor! The flattering, waist-cinching style is perfect for summer. The embroidery makes it a classic, elegant piece to take from desk to dinner. It’s $89 at Ann Taylor, and comes in both regular and petite sizes. The Corporate Sis. So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

Work It: Flounce Skirt

Photo credit: www.insidewomanmag.com
There’s a a lot of advice floating out there about how women can “learn” to be successful in male-dominated professions, as if success were inherently dependent on the gender composition of our work environments. Or how women should adopt more masculine characteristics here, wear more makeup there, lean in there, move over here, to gain the traction they desire in their […]

How Working in A Gender-Diverse Environment Boosted My Career

We’ve talked about switching industries without losing your professional edge earlier. However, is it realistic to start in a new industry without any prior experience in it? Wouldn’t it affect your chances of success? Isn’t it just better to remain in an industry in which we have experience? My $0.05: In this case, as in many cases when it comes to […]

Coffee Break: Can you start in a new industry with no prior experience?

V-Neck Sheath Dress - Photo credit: bananarepublic.gap.com
Banana Republic is having a 40% sale (yummy), and I picked this textured V-neck sheath to start my work fashion week in style. Loving the breathable cotton fabric, the flattering yet professional V-neck cut, and beautifully vented front hem. This dress is also on sale for $89.99, which makes my monday even better! Happy Monday everyone! The Corporate Sis. So […]

Work It: V-Neck Sheath Dress

the-intersection-652694_640-2 1
During my time in Big Accounting, I had the opportunity to experience and enjoy (or not exactly look forward to) many different industries, from commercial to financial, not to mention the joy of performing inventories in a morgue one day (yes, an actual morgue) and a gas station another. Yet, even in Big Accounting, these opportunities to float between various […]

How to Change Industries Without Losing Your Professional Edge

Cap Sleeve Dress - Photo credit: jcrew.com
Summertime is dress time for me. Nothing easier, fresher (and more flattering) than slipping on a dress and heading out the door. Hence today’s pick, this double-stripe cap-sleeve dress from J. Crew. Loving the easy, flattering silhouette of this daytime dress, that can easily transition to cocktail hour in a cinch. This dress is on sale for $149.99 at J. […]

Work It: Cap Sleeve Dress

How to make your work environment work for you 1
If you’ve held a few different positions throughout your career, you know how important your work environment is. Literally everything from the amount of lighting in your cubicle or office, to the ventilation system, not to mention the smiles (or lack thereof) of your teammates. While we often think there is very little we can do to influence our work […]

5 Ways to Make Your Work Environment Work For You (Infographic)

How to get better at your job every day
So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!Back during the days when I was studying for my CPA certification and used to stay at work after-hours to practice a gazillion questions around amortization and accounting ethics (please empathize), I befriended one of the sweetest and most driven, ambitious women I’ve ever met. For our purposes, I’ll […]

How to Get Better At Your Job Every Day