3 Quick and Painless Tips to Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence

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3 Quick and Painless Tips to Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence








Have you ever looked at all your social media platforms, and just wanted to go lay down with a  giant tub of ice cream? I know the feeling…Every so often, especially in the spring (because: spring cleaning time!),  I try and take a dive into my social media to do some serious cleaning up…And I somehow end up with my head in the fridge, because: hard! And who wants to do hard after-hours and on weekends, which is mostly the time when most of us can tackle social media, right? (I know none of us spends hours browsing Facebook at work…)

Let’s be real…As professional and business women (and men), our social media presence now plays a definite and undeniable role in our careers, whether we want to admit it or not. Recruiters check for social media profiles before contacting potential candidates, while a number of hiring decisions take into account who you present yourself as and what you do on your social media platforms. Hence the need to periodically re-assess the messages we’re sending on these platforms, and how we’re getting perceived on these.

So how do you go about spring cleaning your social media presence, especially when you’re present on multiple platforms and have very little time to dedicate to this exercise? Do you just scrap it all and start over (including those questionable Spring break pictures from Freshman year)? Or do you spend your precious time combing through every photo and post?

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For those of us who have zero time, desire or inspiration to re-assess our social media presence, here are 3 quick and painless tips to spring clean your social media platforms on the go:

Ditch the social media platforms you’re not (or barely) using!

Are you mostly on LinkedIn and Twitter but rarely can be seen on Facebook or Snapchat? Then it may be time to downsize your social media presence…As a rule of thumb, pick three platforms that you’re most active on and stick to these. Whether in your own business or career, there’s no need to endlessly spin your wheels on a gazillion platforms, when you can focus on two or three at the most!

However, remember to include a brief thankful message to your current followers when exiting a social media platform. It’s a sign of courtesy that can go a long way, and keep some of your connections alive while allowing you to do away with that particular platform.


Update (and clean up) your social media platforms!

Once you’re down to your two or three most used social media platforms, quickly go through them to identify any area that needs updating. Focus mostly on your bio and experience to start. Are these up-to-date and reflective of where you stand in your career and/or business? If not, consider dusting them off and updating them. Don’t forget to adapt them to the platform itself and what works best on it!

Twitter is great for networking and building professional relationships, Facebook and Instagram are more about sharing pics or posts of your personal and professional experiences. Keep these types of distinctions in mind when you update your information!


Devise a strategy for the platforms of your choice!

Now is time to think strategically! Instead of wasting time and energy on posts that may not create the best return, come up with a strategy that combines your resources with the goals you have in mind! Keep in mind that each platform may require a slightly different strategy, based on the type of platform, your own personality, experience and objectives…

For instance, you may want to consider spending more time cultivating relationships on Twitter and sharing content related to your industry or business. If you’re focusing on Facebook and Instagram, you may want to consider sharing more pictures of your professional experience or links to your latest blog posts.


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