7 Time Management Apps for Working Women

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7 Time Management Apps for Working Women If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for more hours in the day, then you know that time is one precious commodity. Even more than money, time allows us to pursue our goals, live fulfilling lives and ultimately fulfill our purpose.


Not managing your time effectively can prevent you from accomplishing your goals, whether it’s through procrastination, distractions or endless planning. This in turn creates less balance, more stress and a general sense of frustration in our lives.

While a number of distractions are caused by apps, there are some out there that can actually help us manage our time more efficiently. Here are 7 apps that can help you create more time through the power of organization and focus:


  1. Workflow

Do you spend too much time on the same tasks every day. Workflow can help you create shortcuts so you can batch a number of tasks on your phone instead. It helps you create customized workflows to perform tasks such as pulling directions for an event, for instance. There are over 200 actions and integrations with and between apps such as YouTube, Uber and Facebook.



  1. Wunderlist

Does your to-do list look like a gigantic pile of deadlines, half-confirmed meetings and other open items? If so, Wunderlist can help.

This to-do list app actually helps you collaborate with friends, family and colleagues by allowing you to share your goals, assign tasks, due dates and reminders. It keeps your family, friends and team in the loop, while helping you remember important deliverables.

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  1. Rescue Time

Spending too much time online? Rescue Time analyzes your online activity, and provides you precious feedback as to where you spend your time online. This is a great way to uncover the activities that are making you waste time, and actually block them.

You can get alerts when you spend too much time online, while also helping you focus on spending your time more effectively.



  1. Timely

Do you tend to under-estimate, or over-estimate, how long certain tasks are going to take you? Timely is a great tool to help you plan your week ahead of time, as you estimate how much time it will take you to complete your tasks. You’re then able to compare your own forecast with the reality and adjust your schedule accordingly.

It’s a great tool to keep you and your team on track, while holding you accountable to complete your goals.


  1. Pocket

If you’re a fan of saving links and content online, Pocket will save you enormous amounts of time. Instead of being thrown off by a great piece of content, this app allows you to save it so you can read it later.

It stops you from getting distracted, while making it easy and practical to save new content.


  1. Break Free

Break Free is another app that lets you control your digital life by helping you understand how you spend your time on your phone. This app monitors how much time you spend on the apps on your phone, and sends you a reminder when you exceed your “allowable” time on any of them.


  1. Cozi

If you have a hard time getting your family life organized, in between getting the trash out, dropping off the kids to soccer or shopping for groceries, then this app is for you. It stores all your information in one place, including your to-do list, calendar, journal and shopping list, which can be shared with the whole family.



Which apps do you use to manage your time more effectively?


 To Your Success,

The Corporate Sis.






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