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5 tips to adjust your resume for the career you want
If you’ve been working for some time, or even if you’ve just started your career, then you know that your career evolves with time. Whether you change jobs, remain at the same company, or start and grow your business, work evolves.  If you already have a resume, then you also know that just as your career, it’s a living, breathing […]

5 Tips to Adjust your Resume for the Career you Want

52 Best Interview Questions You Should Ask 2
It’s that time during the interview process. It’s now your turn  to ask your interviewer questions, and you may be fumbling to figure out what best inquiries to make. In most interviews, if not all of them, your interviewer will expect you to have inquiries. Aside from having your resume and being prepared to answer your interviewer’s questions, you should […]

52 Best Interview Questions You Should Ask

Note: This is the answer to a question asked on Quora, which i wanted to share on the blog. I remember being in the hot seat, interviewing for a new job after having been at my current job for less than a year. I knew the question was coming. “Why are you looking for a change?” I had mentally prepared […]

How to explain changing jobs in less than a year in an interview

Savvy app - Photo credit: 1
What if you were given a career crystal ball to pick the perfect job for you? I mean, your dream job. The one that wouldn’t just be tailored to your preferences and qualifications, but would also match the particular way women conduct their job searches? Like Tinder for savvy career women… There’s An App For That Professional Women Looking for their Prince […]

This App Helps Career-Savvy Women Find Their Dream Jobs

7 Steps You Must Follow to Conduct Your First Interview 1
I remember the first time I was asked to interview a candidate in Big Corporate. It was mid-afternoon on a Friday afternoon, I was wrapping up on my current projects, listening to iHeart Radio and planning my outfit to go out to dinner with a couple of friends that evening. Then a slight knock on the side of my cubicle, […]

7 Steps You Must Follow To Conduct Your First Interview

So, there you are, stuck in the elevator (literally) on your way down to the lobby, as the CEO gets in. Yes, the CEO, as in your boss’ boss’s boss’s boss (and then some bosses in between). And there’s also the opportunity of a lifetime to show yourself as the totally unforgettable employee who single-handedly marketed herself into executive management […]

How to Craft an Unforgettable Elevator Pitch

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Remember your first school day? Outfit pressed, nerves shot, confidence slightly (or heavily) wavering…Kind of your first day at a new job, except your paycheck (and ability to pay your mortgage and splurge on vintage shoes) is on the line. Your first day on the job, any job, is probably up there on the list of most nerve-wrecking days of […]

5 Ways to Start Your First Day on the Job Like A Pro

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There are many tricky questions in interviews. Yet, the ones that refer to your current place of employment, as you’re looking to make a transition, may be among the trickiest. How do you talk about the place you’re obviously looking to move on from, and remain positive while clearly conveying the message that you’re trying to get out? Do you just […]

Coffee Break: How Do You Answer the Question “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job”?

10 mental hacks to prepare for the interview 2
I’ve done my share of interviews, whether formal or informal, group or individual, traditional and non-traditional, etc. And although most of my interviewing experience, and feedback from friends and family members also going through the interview process, is quite varied (and frankly interesting), there is one common thread I inevitably found present. It revolves around one’s mental state before the […]

10 Mental Hacks to Prepare for A Successful Interview

I’ve had my share of interviewing tipsc recruiting advice, and how-to’s on getting the right interview, the right interviewers, and end up with the perfect career (which we kinda all know doesn’t exactly exist). Yet, what is not nearly talked about enough, are those unconventional, wisdom-meets-intensive practice tips that may stray from the common path, but do work wonders when […]

7 Unconventional Tips to Turning the Interview Into A Job Offer

I’ve dealt with my share of recruiters. The ones who randomly call you at work as your manager is passing by your cubicle. Those who track you down on Linked In and send you emails with titles like “I have THE perfect position for you”. And the recruiters/marketing gurus who know how to get you to call back. Don’t get […]

4 Tips to Recruit The Best Recruiter for You

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If you’ve ever been faced with struggling to find a babysitter to interview for a job, you’re in great company! First Lady Michelle Obama was in the same boat a few years ago when she took newborn Sasha to a job interview! Yet, since we’re not Michelle Obama, can we mere mortals bring kids to the interview? My $0.05: Unless […]

Coffee Break: Can You Bring Your Kids to the Interview?

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If your first interview is like your first date, then picking, and committing, to an employer should be like entering a…professional marriage. From the initial butterflies in your stomach, to your first project together and private water cooler convos, you are in it until death your two week’s notice do you part. In other words, pick your boss wisely! Even […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Pick Your Employer Like You Pick Your Husband (Or One ...

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Dear Daughter just joined her school’s very selective “book club”, usually reserved to classes above her kindergarten level. When I asked her how she got in, she simply smiled and said: “Mommy, I just asked!”. Duh…In her cute little brain, there was no thinking she was too young, inexperienced or under-qualified. She wanted to do something new and challenging, and […]

5 Smart Strategies to Go For the Job You’re Not Qualified For (And Actually Get ...

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A great manager once told me “You’ve got to work with gusto!”. Showing up to work (especially on Monday mornings after a major snow storm), with the biggest smile on your face, can seriously feel like a new form of tyranny at times. Yet, a pep in your step and a smile on your face may very well prove to […]

This One Quality Will Get You (And Help You Keep) The Job

Conduct a passive job search - Photo credit: 66
Professional times have definitely changed! Whether happily employed or looking for better opportunities out there, actively passive job hunting is definitely on the up-and-up! Everywhere you turn, Linked In profiles are being scrutinized, recruiters are on the move, and….there’s even an app for that! Actually, there’s a whole host of apps and startups wanting to hack your job search out there… […]

3 Smart Ways to (Actively) Conduct a Passive Job Search

Interviewing and pregnant - Photo credit: 3
Interviewing when pregnant is rarely a comfortable position to be in. Could the pregnancy stand in the way of you getting the job? My friend N. went to interview for a lateral position in her company. Despite the obvious bias I have towards her as a friend, N. is one of the most talented and genuinely engaged people I know. N. also happens to be expecting her second child. Interestingly enough, although she was perfect for the position, she was told her pregnancy would get in the way of her fulfilling the job duties. By now, you are probably thinking the manager interviewing my friend was some middle-aged, conservative, maybe even sexist male. And if you were betting your monthly shoe allowance on it, you'd probably come up a pair of stilettos short...The female manager interviewing my friend was smart, vibrant, pleasant, and she is 38.

Interviewing while Pregnant? Prepare to Bump Into Challenges

Hate your resume? This tool will help you land your dream job
  Ever felt like there is no way you can possibly ever contain all your professional awesome-ness on an 8.5 by 11 white piece of paper? Have you caught yourself staring at your resume, not knowing how you could make it look more professionally appealing? Been there, felt that… Yet whereas your options were limited before in terms of what […]

Hate Your Resume? This tool will help you land your dream job