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Check out my recommendations for apps and other tech tools that can help you thrive at work and in life in less time and with more impact!

7 Apps to Boost Your Productivity in 2017
We all want to be more productive. As in do more in less time, and still be able to sit somewhere with a good book and some form of carb-filled snacks for a minute or two… Except the more we think about being productive, the more to-do’s start creeping up on our list. And while technology can keep us pretty […]

7 Apps to Boost Your Productivity in 2017

Disclosure: Please note this post contains affiliate links. So you decided to start your own business…You’ve thought about it long and hard, and are ready to set it up! Now all you need to get started are the right tools. As a side hustler myself, I’ve learnt from other successful entrepreneurs and have been using a few essential tools to run […]

5 Tools to Help You Start Building Your Business

Work, work, work! Sometimes all there seems to be for working women is a whole lot of work. Work at work, work at home, work in our relationships, work in our businesses! And while a lot of credit should go to all these working women warriors who get so much done in so little time, there’s something to say about […]

These 7 Apps Will Make Every Working Woman’s Life Easier

In the midst of all the “Back-to-School” buzz going on, there are quite a few tech tools and gadgets catching our attention (and wallets). And some of them are not just for the tech-savvy high-school or college student, but can actually be a nice addition to your work and lifestyle gadget collection. Not being a techie myself, I’m not into […]

#TechTuesday: Back to School Gadgets Every Professional Can Use

Savvy app - Photo credit: 1
What if you were given a career crystal ball to pick the perfect job for you? I mean, your dream job. The one that wouldn’t just be tailored to your preferences and qualifications, but would also match the particular way women conduct their job searches? Like Tinder for savvy career women… There’s An App For That Professional Women Looking for their Prince […]

This App Helps Career-Savvy Women Find Their Dream Jobs

7 Apps to Boost Your Productivity at Work During the Holidays
If you’ve ever tried working as productively as possible around the holidays, you know how much of a challenge it is. From googling the Christmas menu to wondering which dress will hide those extra 10 pounds from the holidays before, not to mention trying to close those year-end projects that always come with some stinky complications here and there, your […]

7 Top Apps To Boost Your Productivity at Work During The Holidays

Hidden Jobs app - Photo credit: 1
One of our most common career fears is not finding a job well suited for us, or missing out on a great job out there that could just be the “It” job for us…Well, fear no more, there’s an app for that! Hidden Jobs is not your regular job hunting app, in that it looks for those positions hidden under […]

Afraid to Miss out on A Great Job? There’s An App for That…

Hushbook app - Photo credit: 1
It’s spring cleaning time, and one are you may want to spruce up and remove unnecessary distractions and time-wasters from is your social media world, and more specifically your Facebook newsfeed…And of course, there’s an app for that! It’s called Hushbook , and what it does is basically help you filter down your newsfeed to what you really want to see. […]

Need A Social Media Spring Cleaning? There’s an App for That…

Slack - Photo credit: 1
If the mere thought of your email inbox makes you cringe in sheer desperation, there’s an app for your yet-undiagnosed condition. It’s called Slack,and it may just turn email into an obsolete form of communication from the Dark Ages. What it basically does is allow any business to set up a platform for team communications, accessible from anywhere. Then why […]

There’s an App for That (And It May Very Well Replace Your Email)

iCukoo Alarm Clock app - Photo credit:
I had to smile when I read about this app, as it was speaking directly to me (and to many of you too..). For all the chronically late, or those with a milder time adherence disorder, this is your app, ok? The iCukoo alarm clock app will have you donate to one of 5 select charities, when your total snoozing […]

Snooze Much? There’s An App for That

Lowdown app - Photo credit:
We’re all about meetings today, and while we’re at it, there’s an app for those too! Lowdown is an iPhone app that basically helps you meet before you even meet. In other words, it provides all the meeting information, including location, details, and various notifications, to facilitate meetings that are actually productive ( as opposed to wasting 10 minutes looking […]

There’s an App for That: Lowdown

Teux Deux app - Photo:
I love to-do lists, I love making them, scratching things out of them, lengthen them, shorten them, all the while keeping them organized, pretty, and manageable. Well, I think there’s now an app for all of that…Teuxdeux is a simple app (yes, there is such a thing), that allows you to build a customizable, easily downloadable and transferrable to the […]

There’s an App for that: Teux Deux

Relax Lite app - Photo:
Ok, we all know Thanksgiving, this great time of the year to be thankful and reunited with your entire family can also be a time of gritting your teeth through your least favorite relatives’ not so funny jokes, and waiting to exhale, literally…Speaking of breathing free of annoying relatives, there’s an app for that! It’s called Relax Lite, and is […]

Dreading Thanksgiving Family Gatherings? There’s an app for that…

Shopsavvy app - Photo:
‘Tis the season for shopping, and trying to find deals! Except when you’re busy, you end up not having enough time to try to find anything, and end up buying whatever you find at whatever price you find it, and then lament over your credit card bill come January…And of course, there’s an app for that! ShopSavvy helps you find […]

There’s An App for That: ShopSavvy

If you’ve ever wondered how to apply the principles of fast-paced,. anonymous speed-dating to your job search, well…there’s an app for that. It’s called Switch, and it’s been dubbed by The daily Muse as the new Tinder for jobs. What it does:Basically, it allows you to conduct your job search anonymously, without the stress of your current employer, clients, friends […]

There’s an App for That: Switch

Eternity app - Photo:
Wondering where the day has gone! In between work, life, and all the other obligations that fill our lives, the one thing that continuously seems to elude us is time! And of course, there’s an app for that… It’s called Eternity, and it is structured to point out what you spend your time on! And while you may not be […]

There’s an app for that: Eternity Time Log

3 apps to help you relax at work - Photo: 1
Sooo even experts are agreeing that doing nothing is great for you! Ok maybe not doing absolutely nothing all of the time, especially at work, in which case it’s no longer work…Ahem…Yet there are some benefits to beating stress and anxiety at work, and relaxing more…Actually, there are even some apps for that…   1. Headspace: Meditate much? Well, if […]

Coffee Break: 3 Apps To Help You Relax At Work (Yes, I Said Relax)

Card Munch - Photo:
Ever wondered what to do with all the business cards you’re collecting left and right? Well, there’s an app for that, and it’s called CardMunch! Instead of walking around with a wallet overflowing with paper, CardMunch allows you to scan business cards directly into your phone contacts! It’s even easier for Linked In contacts, as you can request to add […]

There’s an App for That: CardMunch

Lazy apps for productivity freaks - Photo: 1
So I wrote earlier about the lazy way of getting organized at work (and in life) for a reason…I like to get stuff done, fast, effectively, while saving as much time as possible. While I admit to using the cake mix in the box for my daughters’ bake sale events (if you ever read this, baby, Mommy tried, ok?), and my […]

Coffee Break: 5 (Lazy) Apps for Productivity Freaks

Conspire app - Photo credit:
If Linked In were to have a more inquisitive, get-in-yo-business little sister, it would be Conspire! This new app is great for making more personal professional connections than Linked In would ever allow you to…Instead of setting every connection at the same level and making you miss out on your ex-colleague who happens to be reporting to the head of […]

There’s an App for That: Conspire