Side Hustle One-On-One Strategic Session

side hustle strategy session

Looking to set up your own side hustle but not sure where to start? I can help you! My name is Solange Lopes, I’m a CPA turned author and entrepreneur who started out side hustling for many years!

Having a side hustle is not only a great way to generate extra income. It’s also one of the best way to learn and apply crucial business skills, while starting to grow an empire of your own. However, in order to leverage your time, energy and talents, you must be strategic in the way you set up and manage your side hustle. I would know… I made many mistakes when I started out, but thankfully I spent hours, months and years learning about the best ways to start and manage a side hustle.

Solange Lopes I’m Solange Lopes, I’m an author, entrepreneur and the founder of The Corporate Sister. As a side hustler who’s turned my side hustle into a full-time gig, I know it requires a process and some serious strategizing to set up a side hustle that not only benefits you, but also fulfills you without overwhelming you.
The last thing you want is to invest your time and energy into a side hustle that only drains you and wastes your energy and potential.




– How to tap into your natural skills and passions to identify the side hustle for you
-How to leverage your current job and/or experience for your side hustle
– How to make a strategic side hustle plan
– How to identify streams of income in your side hustle
-How to manage your time and leverage your resources
-How to grow and expand your side hustle

Are you ready to turn your side hustle into a success? Let’s get started…

To help us get to know each other better, please fill out this Start Your Side Hustle Questionnaire!


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Here’s to your success!


The Corporate Sister!