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Weekly News Roundup Welcome to our weekly career, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and fashion news roundup! Think of it as your online watercooler/work gossip station/coffee break spot for now…Want to add anything to our list? Email us at corporate@thecorporatesister.com!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
  • Happy April! The Glassdoor Blog lists 20 companies hiring like crazy this month;
  • In major news this week, the New York Times recounts Bill O’Reilly’s attack on Auntie Maxine Waters (who wasn’t having it either), which started the #BlackWomenatWork movement of denouncing discrimination at work;
  • The Penelope Trunk Blog tells us what it’s like to have a career you love, and it’s not what you think;
  • Essence tips you off on staying productive during Spring break;
  • Parents alert! If you’ve not heard of the “eraser challenge”, Forbes tells you all about its dangers here (and why you should tell your kids to stop now);
  • Want to manifest more money into your life right about now? Ellevate Network lists 5 cool ways to do so;
  • Want smarter children? Inc. tells you to delay childbirth;
  • Tired out of your mind? Entrepreneur lists 11 tips to stay productive when you’re exhausted;
  • Super busy? Ellevate Network tells you that’s exactly when you should exercise;
  • This past weekend, I attended the 2017 Lady Project Summit and it was a blast! Read my recap HERE!
  • Read more on my fellow Senegalese gal and 24 actress Anna Diop here!
  • Food Network lists some of the best African dessert recipes, check it out!

Seen any piece of news you’d like to share? Post in the comments below or email me at corporate@thecorporatesister.com!


Cheers to the weekend!

The Corporate Sis

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