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Welcome to our weekly career, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and fashion news roundup! Think of it as your online watercooler/work gossip station/coffee break spot for now…Want to add anything to our list? Email us at corporate@thecorporatesister.com!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
  • In awesome news this week, the NY Times reveals the Queen of the Tennis Courts Serena Williams confirmed she’s expecting and we’re in total awe!
  • Business Insider lists the highest-paying jobs in each state;
  • Got student loans? Black Enterprise explains the financial impact of borrowing student loans;
  • The Lyndsey Pollak Blog outlines the most important interview prep you should be doing, but are not!
  • TCS lists 7 tips to survive any toxic work environment;
  • The Glassdoor Blog lists the #1 reason why women make less than men (and what you can do it about it);
  • Are you a new manager? Forbes lists 7 new manager mistakes you don’t even know you’re making;
  • If you have employees suffering from high-functioning depression? Ellevate Network has tips on how to be a good leader to them;
  • Want to succeed? Ellevate Network advises you to work less;
  • Black Enterprise reveals that historically black college Xavier University lab develops a supplement that kills cancer;
  • Are you an entrepreneur using Instagram? Entrepreneur recommends you double-down on Instagram stories and explains why;
  • Want to take amazing pics right on your phone? Buzzfeed lists 17 ways to make the pics you take on your phone so much better;
  • In an empowering message for all women, Essence reports that model and People’s Most Beautiful Woman nominee Danielle Brooks is proud of her stretch marks;
  • Traveling for Spring Break? Food52 has a list of 15 travel kits to store your littler things.

Seen any piece of news you’d like to share? Post in the comments below or email me at corporate@thecorporatesister.com!


Cheers to the weekend!

The Corporate Sis

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