Weekly News Roundup

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own your career Welcome to our weekly career, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and fashion news roundup! Think of it as your online watercooler/work gossip station/coffee break spot for now…Want to add anything to our list? Email us at corporate@thecorporatesister.com!

  • In good news this week, Forbes reports women make up nearly 40% of new directors on Fortune 100 Boards;
  • You may have heard of the passing of the latest healthcare bill. Slate explains why according to this bill, being a woman in itself is a pre-existing condition;
  • Did you bomb your first interview? Business Insider explains why asking for a second chance may actually help getting you the job;
  • Black Enterprise lists the best Mother’s Day gifts for every mompreneur;
  • Recruitingblogs.com lists 3 unique careers that allow you a more flexible schedule at home;
  • The Glassdoor Blog lists 10 companies offering Student Loan Assistance and hiring now!
  • Ready to stretch outside of your comfort zone? Ellevate Network lists 5 ways to manage fear when you stretch outside of your comfort zone;
  • Entrepreneurs Alert! Have you registered for the 2017 Entrepreneurs Summit yet? Black Enterprise lists some small businesses you can connect with;
  • Are you teaching your kids how to manage money? Ellevate Network confirms that teaching children financial literacy is the gift of a lifetime;
  • Hello moms! Thought Catalog lists 13 reasons why you may need wine (#13 is right on point);
  • Want to show Mom how much you care? Serious Eats lists some seriously delicious (and foll-proof) dinner recipes for Mom.

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Cheers, to the week-end,

The Corporate Sis.

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