Woman of Impact: Audrey Mann Cronin, SayItMedia Inc

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Audrey Mann Cronin, Co-Founder LikeSo app

Audrey Mann Cronin, Co-Founder LikeSo app

I had the pleasure of virtually meeting Audrey Mann Cronin a few months ago, and was instantly taken by her story. Audrey is the co-founder, President and Chief Marketing Officer of SayItMedia Inc., which is at the origin of the LikeSo app, aka your personal speech coach.

Now if you’ve ever had a problem speaking up in public, this app is for you! It uses voice recognition technology to analyze your “speech fitness”, and help you increase the performance of your speeches, presentations, interview or auditions! As an introvert who’s struggled with speaking up at work, I wish this app had been available a while ago. SayLikeSo has been featured on some major news outlets, including CNN, CNBC, AOL and USA Today. 
But without further ado, here’s Audrey, who graciously accepted to answer a few questions for TCS:

  1. Tell us a bit about you and what you do!

Hi Corporate Sisters!  I am a passionate women’s advocate, writer, speaker and longtime communications consultant, so the way people speak is always on my radar. We all want to speak to impress, but lax verbal habits can undermine our skills and impact our success. I am on a mission to help us all be better, more confident speakers, and without all of those “likes” and “sos.”  I have worked for 25 years in the technology industry and I thought, there should be an app for that!  In December of 2015, I started a new venture, Say It Media, Inc. and in March of 2016, I launched LikeSo: Your Personal Speech Coach.


  1. What led you to create LikeSo, and what would you say are the greatest benefits?

I was inspired to create LikeSo after a confluence of conversations took place during one defining week in May of 2014.  First, my poised and well-spoken teenage daughter started injecting her sentences with “like,” “ya know,” and “totally!” Later that week, a colleague told me that he had two brilliant co-workers, but that he cringed when he heard them speak on the phone and in meetings because of their use of fillers, uptalk and other verbal habits.  And then – the crowning blow… My doctor, a top surgeon in her field, said that she had experienced these uninspiring verbal habits, even in the operating room.  We all should speak confidently, powerfully and persuasively – in a way that compels others to listen.  Something had to be done, and LikeSo was born.


  1. Describe what a typical workday looks like for you.

I start out the day taking 15-30 minutes to check in on my email and social media channels.  Along with LikeSoApp on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, I also run the community, Our Digital Daughters, which is a deep dive into raising our girls in this new digital culture.  I then re-visit my “to do” list to prioritize the day.  If it is like most days, something has happened while I was sleeping that forces me to adjust my schedule!  Typically I have a bunch of calls and/or meetings with colleagues, potential new partners, professors, speech professionals, women’s advocates, etc. I also may be writing a post for my blogs.  In my life as mom, I have two energetic and inspiring teenagers and a lovely golden retriever, so interruptions are often, and almost always, welcome!

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  1. What do you love most about your work?

I learn every day and meet so many inspiring and talented people. The entrepreneurial life is exhilarating, topsy-turvy, a bit scary, and a fantastic ride – like the best roller coaster!


  1. How do the goals of your business and product affect your day-to-day job, as well as your career and life goals in general?

I want to make a difference and Say It Media has given me a platform and a mission.  I am a passionate advocate for girls and women and get deep satisfaction helping women take on the obstacles of our male-centric world and find their own authentic voice.  I also have a background in theatre and music, and love working with acting coaches and casting directors to integrate LikeSo into the entertainment field.  For my own family, I hope I am setting an example for my children that if you work hard and stay positive, you can achieve success.  When I look back, I do think that my life and work experiences and aspirations all led me to this current career…or maybe it was destiny?:-)



  1. What’s the most challenging part of your work and how do you not let yourself get burnt out?

Yes, heading up a startup is challenging and exhausting.  There is a lot of juggling, a lot of strategic thinking (and rethinking), a lot of networking and a lot of listening and learning.   You truly have to believe in your mission.  Sometimes I do feel that my work is getting the better of me, but then I get a good night’s sleep and wake up ready to go!


  1. What advice would you give other women who may want to follow in your footsteps?

If you are passionate about something that gives you deep satisfaction, first gather some relevant experience, and then jump on!

You can find more information about  SayItMedia and the LikeSoApp at the below links:
LikeSo in App Store:  http://apple.co/1QBuByY
Say It LikeSo site: https://sayitlikeso.com/
Our Digital Daughters: https://ourdigitaldaughters.com/
Thanks so much for sharing with us your wonderful journey and most importantly the amazing LikeSo app!
To your Success,
The Corporate Sis.
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