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7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Find your Purpose
If you’ve ever asked yourself what your purpose in life is, you may have unwittingly given yourself a headache. It’s one of those life-impacting questions that requires quite a bit of self-introspection and understanding of oneself. It’s also a question that so many of us avoid because it seems unrealistic, or downright, impossible to get the right answer for ourselves. […]

7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Find your Purpose

What no one is telling you about finding the career you want
When you’re in college or even in school, no one really teaches you about finding your own career path. Not the one that pays more money, or that requires less years of study, or even seems to be the most comfortable to take… When I decided to graduate in Accounting in college, it wasn’t the promise of cracking down numbers […]

What No One Is Telling You About Finding the Career You Want

30 best personality assessments to find the career you want 2
This post may contain affiliate links.  How many times have you wondered about finding the career you want? Or asked yourself if the career you’re in is a good fit for your personality? There are actually effective personal assessment tools out there to help match you with the career of your dreams. Understanding your personality, strengths, interests, and values, is […]

30 Best Personality Assessments To Help You Find the Career You Want

7 Steps to Transition to the Career You Want
You may have been thinking about transitioning to the career you want to work in. You may even have started taking a few steps to look into it. However, transitioning to a dream career is an important, and critical process. I recently made the leap to the career I really want, from corporate life to being a full-time writer and […]

7 Steps To Transition to the Career You Want

Career transitions myths
Career transitions are hard. It’s not easy changing jobs, being relocated or jumping into a new career. It’s especially true when it affects our work. Considering we spend the majority of our time at work, change in our careers can be destabilizing. Career transitions have always been challenging for me. I get attached to people and places. As a result, […]

7 Myths About Career Transitions That Are Keeping You Stuck

How the gift of education took me halfway across the world
  Growing up in Senegal (West Africa), I’ve always loved learning. Anything education-related, from shiny new notebooks to large academic books, had me doing a (mental) happy dance. I guess you could say I was a nerd, pink glasses, heavy backpack and all… As the second girl in a single-parent family, I had learnt very early on to treasure the […]

How the Gift of Education Took me Halfway Across the World

Good&Co App 2
Have you ever wondered what it takes to find your very own perfect career? I mean, the career that fits you like a glove, one where your skills, strengths and talents are fully utilized, and where your weaknesses are being improved every single day? Now enters Good&Co, aka “the job-hunting lovechild of e-Harmony and Linked In“. Think of it as your […]

Find Your Perfect Career with the Good & Co. app [Sponsored}

How to switch from an employee to an entrepreneur mindset
Have you been dreaming of building your own business? Are you hustling in your side business before and after work, creating your empire on the low? Are you ready to transition from employee to entrepreneur? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re already going through what I call the shift. It’s that mind shift, that transition, during […]

How to switch from an employee to an entrepreneur mindset

A Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
As I turned the last page of “Year of Yes”, the best-selling book written by the creator of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, as well as the executive producer of How to Get Away with Murder, I heard myself uttering the word “Yes”! Actually, reading this book by one of the most extraordinary women ever, whose creative empire “Shondaland” is named […]

Why Every Woman Should Say Yes to Herself: 3 Lessons From “A Year of Yes” ...

So after laughing for a few weeks straight after side-eyeing the last words in Luvvie Ajayi’s “I’m Judging You”, I’ve finally gotten to write my review. And it could basically be summarized in three words/phrases: side eyes, laughs, and a masterpiece. Literally, this was one of the very few times that I sat/laid/rolled in front of a book, laughing my […]

Side Eyes, Laughs and A Masterpiece: My Review of “I’m Judging You” by Luvvie Ajayi

womenshistorymonth quotes
March is here, and it’s officially #WomensHistoryMonth! Which also means I’m personally stocking up on all my inspirational, power-to-women quotes for the remainder of the year… Women’s rights still have quite some way to go, but we’ve also made some major headway over time, and that’s worth celebrating. From pay equality to shattering the glass ceiling, not to mention legal […]

16 Inspirational Quotes to Share for #WomensHistoryMonth

12 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes to Inspire You to Reach Higher
Embed from Getty Images I remember walking around Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard next to the Terrou Bi hotel in my native city of Dakar, Senegal, a continent away from where one of the most influential Black leaders in history lived and died. As a young African girl living across the ocean from the U.S. back then, and despite the […]

12 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes to Inspire You to Reach Higher

2016-its-been-real_-7-life-lessons-this-past-year-taught-me-3 4
As I write this post, we’re a few days away from 2017, and for so many of us, that means reflecting back on the past year. I have to say, 2016 has been quite the year, from everything that’s happened around, to the many lessons I’ve personally learnt this year. As they say, it’s been the best of times, it’s […]

2016, It’s Been Real: 7 Life Lessons this Past Year Taught Me

7 Steps to Plan Your Exit from Big Corporate
So it just hits you one day…After years in Big Corporate, doing the 9-to-5 thing, you’re finally ready to make the big JUMP into full-time entrepreneurship. Maybe up until now, you’ve been doing the side hustle thing here and there to lay the groundwork. But now, the anticipation is killing you, literally, and all you can think about is that […]

7 Steps to Plan Your Exit From Big Corporate

We’re a few weeks/days away from the start of another year, and the New Year’s Resolutions/Goals Machine, as I like to call it, is in full swing. Resolutions are being made, gym memberships are being shopped around, and goals are being set everywhere… But after a few years of resolving to get back into a size 2, or finally get that […]

#NoMoreResolutions: 3 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself Before the New Year

For a few weeks after I lost my sister, I lost my voice. Literally. I couldn’t speak, or write, or even think clearly for a while. Something inside of me went numb for some time, then rose in uncontrollable anger, then later subsided in the depths of my soul, (still) looking for peace and closure of some kind. If you’ve […]

On using your voice and regaining your power in the wake of shootings

7 Ways of Reclaiming Your Power at Work
We’ve all been there, at some point or another, in our careers…That point when you’re not too sure where your career’s going…When you doubt yourself and your professional abilities. to the point of considering dropping everything and backpacking through the Himalayas (except you haven’t owned a backpack since 8th grade and the kids are sure as hell not coming for […]

7 Ways of Reclaiming Your Power at Work

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My friend A. has officially set up a date to quit her corporate job to follow her dream of becoming a life coach. While many may envy her determination and the  undeniable pep in her step and renewed gusto for life, I know she didn’t just jump from one career to the next without any pain. As a matter of […]

6 Steps to Go From Corporate to Called

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With the New Year just starting, many of us have dreams, plans and goals we’re hoping to accomplish. Whether it’s a promotion at work, writing that first book, or building a business, there are things you want to accomplish, places you’re planning to visit, experiences to be had and goals to be reached. Most likely, some will get scratched off […]

Spirit Sunday: If You Believe It, You Will Achieve It

Is our lack of faith ruining our careers - Photo: 10
I know, Faith is one of the F-words at work, and many believe it does not exactly belong in the workplace. Yet, for those who believe in the power of faith in the workplace, it appears faith can even increase our ROI at work. When we speak of faith at work, many  start envisioning us preaching the Word, getting filled […]

Is Your Lack of Faith Ruining Your Career?