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How to Re-Purpose your Workwear for the Holidays
The holidays rhyme with parties and social gatherings, which also require the wardrobe to go with. For many of us, this means having to think of what to wear to this party, that event and that other social gathering. Which may or may not end up in yet another trip to the mall, spending non-budgeted money on non-planned expenses for […]

How to Re-Purpose your Workwear for the Holidays

7 Smart Tips to prepare for Black Friday
As soon as Thanksgiving starts looming near, the first thought on many people’s minds can be summarized in two words: Black Friday! Also known as the ultimate shopping day for many a deal-addict out there! However, while there are many opportunities to save “beaucoup” money on Black Friday, there are even more opportunities to make it even more strategic by […]

7 Smart Tips to prepare for Black Friday

Uber Eats Boston - Photo credit:
Please note this post contains affiliate links.   Ever thought of making some side hustle money on your own schedule? Now you can do this with UberEATS, the food delivery service affiliated with ride-sharing service and app Uber. UberEATS now delivers food from your favorite food spots in over 79 cities and growing across the US. This means that by tapping […]

Make Extra Money On Your Own Schedule As An UberEATS Delivery Partner

#NeverThrowAway: Celebrate National Consignment Day by Making Smart Fashion Choices
Disclosure: I have partnered with The Real Real to discuss making smart fashion choices through the power of consignment shopping. Fall is one of my favorite times to “refresh” my wardrobe. By this, I mean (graciously) letting go of the clothes and shoes I keep hoping to “magically” fit in one day when my stomach gets flat again. In the […]

#NeverThrowAway: Celebrate National Consignment Day by Making Smart Fashion Choices

5 Money Saving Tricks for College Students
This article was written by a college student contributor to TCS.  The concept of going off to college and living in complete freedom is the most exciting step of adulthood. However, with newfound freedom comes expenses—a lot of expenses. I’ve always been very frugal with my money. Every expense should be justified and only completely necessary. I wasn’t necessarily raised […]

5 Money Saving Tricks for College Students

Gumdrop by Goodshop
Please note this post may contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if you click on the included links. I love to shop, that’s no secret (you can ask the hubby!). Yet, I’m also quite on the frugal side when it comes to stretching my dollar. While at the #BlogHer17 conference last week, I learnt of a wonderful way […]

Shop For A Cause With GumDrop by Goodshop

12 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Online-2
Summer’s here, and with the warm weather, trips to the beach, kids’ camps, vacations and other summer activities, also comes a slew of…expenses! Of course, the weather’s nicer, we want to spend more time eating and having fun outside…And of course, we end up blowing our (somewhat) tight budgets and going way over our fun (and shoe) allowance. It can […]

12 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Online

Ask A CPA_ What tax forms should I file as a small business owner?
Our Ask A CPA feature answers to questions frequently asked to CPAs. As a CPA, I love to answer these for our readers. Got a question? Email me at! Q: I’m a small business owner, and I’m not sure which tax forms I should be using. Can you help? If you’re a small business owner, especially if you’re new […]

Ask A CPA: What tax forms should I file as a small business owner?

It’s tax season, and it also is a time when you may be strapped for, well… cash. Whether you’re experiencing delays in getting your tax refund, or you happen to owe back taxes, there can be a host of reasons why you may be in need of cash during tax season. I mean, how many times have you heard people […]

Taxes drowning your budget? Check in With Check Into Cash! [Sponsored]

March is Credit Card Education Month
March is  Credit Card Education Month, and The Corporate Sister is partnering with Fundera to provide vital information on what it takes to guarantee your credit card success as a small business owner. Fundera’s mission is to get small business owners the financing they need to grow, which also happens to be one of the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs. As a relatively […]

March is Credit Card Education Month: How to Guarantee Your Credit Card Success

Ask A CPA: What tax deductions should I consider if I'm self-employed?
Our Ask A CPA feature answers to questions frequently asked to CPAs. As a CPA, I love to answer these for our readers. Got a question? Email me at! Q: I’m self-employed, and am not sure which deductions I can take on my tax return. Can you help? A: If you’re self-employed these days, you’re in excellent company. Roughly […]

Ask A CPA: What tax deductions should I consider if I’m self-employed?

Ask A CPA: Can I deduct my work expenses on my tax return?
Question: Are there work expenses that I can deduct on my tax return?  As an employee, you incur expenses related to your job pretty much daily. From your morning joe to gas and mileage expenses, it costs to work! Even if you receive a salary, benefits and perks…But you may be surprised that some of these expenses may actually be […]

Ask A CPA: What Work Expenses Can I Deduct on My Tax Return?

Ask A CPA: How Can I Save Money During the Holidays?
The holidays are known for being a time of big spending. Between hosting family and friends gatherings, buying gifts, and shopping for this, that and the other, it’s easy to blow your budget way more than you’d have initially expected. Yes, it’s hard, and somewhat unrealistic, to avoid all the expenses that come with having loved ones and obligations of […]

Ask A CPA: How Can I Save Money During the Holidays?

Ask A CPA: How can I prepare for tax season?
Our “Ask A CPA ” feature answers everyday (and not so everyday) questions you may have around personal finance and accounting topics, from a Certified Public Accountant (moi!). Please note that you should always seek professional advice for more personalized advice. Got something on your mind? Email us at! We’re a few months away from the dreaded tax season. […]

Ask A CPA: How Can I Prepare for Tax Season?

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A friend of ours once took his paycheck out in front of us while at a gathering, to show us he really makes as much money he says he does. Now this friend had never exactly been the tactful type (I mean, he once told me I was too close to my hubby’s age to sustain his interest over time, […]

Coffee Break: Is Telling How Much You Make OK? (Hint: It Actually Is)

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We already know the gender wage gap is here, and is much more complex than we’d ever imagined. And apparently, it won’t close for another 43 years…Unfortunately, performance-based pay is also subjected to the much-dreaded gender bias. Back in 2009, Bank of America was the target of a federal lawsuit alleging discrimination against female brokers who received lower retention bonuses. […]

Is Your Bonus Pay Gender-Biased Too?

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So we’ve been discussing getting the bonus you deserve, and what not to do with all your bonus moolah once you get it. Now, one question most employees ask themselves after receiving their bonus is, why did I have to pay so much tax on it? Geesh… Sorry to burst your bubble, but your bonus does get taxed. It’s intact […]

Coffee Break: What’s the Deal with Taxes and Your Bonus?

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  It’s bonus day! You’ve asked and negotiated to get the best you deserve, and now, as you happily log into your bank account with much anticipation, you notice it’s finally here! As plans start accumulating in your head, you begin to envision new shoes, gleaming purses, spa days and relaxing vacations by the beach…Or if you are the more […]

5 Things Not to Do With Your Bonus

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So you’ve just had your annual performance review meeting with your manager, and s/he just told you you got yourself some extra spending (or saving) money in the form of a pretty generous bonus. Ka-ching! Can you say good news, especially since you’ve been eyeing that Michael Kors bag for months? Now, do you share the awesome news with your […]

Coffee Break: Should You Discuss Your Bonus at Work?

bonuses - Photo credit: 1
You may be able to buy more shoes this year, as you cash in that bonus check…According to a report from New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, the average bonus in Wall Street rose 15% to $172,860 in 2014. Not too bad huh? Especially since this is about three times more than the median US household income. For the rest […]

5 Tips to Ask For (And Get) The Bonus You Deserve